Monday, October 13, 2008

An autumn walk along False Creek

The weather was better on Sunday than it was Saturday but the cloud did start moving in as a friend and I arrived at Granville Island. We met at Science World at the eastern end of False Creek, not really a creek and more like an inlet into English Bay. There are high-rise condos and Science World at this end plus the nearby Winter Olympic Village currently under construction.
Below are a series of shots of the olympic village under construction. I've been taking photos of this venue about every month or as there is some significant progress in the work. Of course, sunny skies help!

The boat in the photo above looks like a converted fishing trawler, don't you think? Then below, someone is taking some dogs, Afghan Hounds, for a walk as we approach Granville Island. You saw this pic in yesterday's post.
Then there is a series of photos taken on Granville Island. The autumn colour is evident!

So, the day started off well enough with plenty of sunshine but as the cloud rolled in, it got cooler. We stopped at the Granville Market to have a bite to eat. I had wanted a sausage roll but then decided on a salmon roll instead, at $3.75 a roll, washing all that down with a carbonated drink (orange-mango). Then it was back outside to enjoy the view despite the cloud. Hope you've enjoyed these pics! - Volker

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