Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hot dudes for a Thursday evening

We are expecting a weekend of rain, so to keep our spirits up here are a few hot dudes to help. Photos of hot abs and pecs are always nice, and I've included a few pics of those, but so are butts, so I've included one of the latter also. Let me know which one of the photos you like best. Comments are always welcome!
In other news, I noticed that the price of gasoline this morning was at 110.4 cents a litre but it had dropped to 105.4 by evening, where I live at any rate. That should make some people happy I guess but I am looking forward to the introduction of electric cars and eventually phase out the combustion engine entirely. That will take a while, years I would think before that ever happens. What do you think would work to save out environment? Well, with that its off to bed. There is one more work day ahead for me and then a rainy weekend which should be good for getting caught up with work at home (writing letters, working on photos, working on the computer in general and doing cleaning about the apartment). Have a great weekend! - Volker

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