Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn is here and so the rain!

Autumn is here, not only on the calendar since we're now into October, but also in the air. You can feel it as well as see it! The days of spending hours at the beach soaking up the sun are fast dwindling away. The life guards have packed up their stuff since Labour Day not to return until the start of the busy season next year. It was real nice for the last few days with warm temperatures and bright blue, sunny skies but tomorrow the overcast skies and rain return. However, we'll get more and more of those rainy days as we get later into the season. We can only relish those days of sitting half naked somewhere taking in the sun. It all comes with the changing of the seasons, so enjoy each one for what each has to offer. I think I'll talk Brad into strapping on a pair of skis so we can both go skiing on Hollyburn Mountain this winter. There's an area for cross-country skiing along with the alpine (downhill) skiing areas. I've done cross-country and love the exercise it offers plus taking in the fresh air and sunshine at the same time (when its sunny during the winter). Since I don't work on weekends, they're free for all sorts of fun activities! Keep in mind, when its rainy in the valley, its snowing in the mountains. Something to look forward too!!! - Volker


MAC said...

Summer is definitely lingering here in Texas. The mornings are in the mid 50s, then by afternoon it hits the 90s. Needless to say I've been spending alot of time with my convertable top down. HAVE A YUMMY DAY!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

In March of 1998 at a time I was still living in southwestern Ontario I took a train from London to Chicago, transferred to another heading south (had to make a dash for the other train and the conductor had his stopwatch set). I got off at Memphis, and then it was a bus from there to Dallas. When the bus arrived in Tulsa to pick up fares, the temperature was at 70 degrees at 7 am. By the time we left about fifteen minutes it was 75. On the way back I took a bus the whole way from Dallas to Chicago and back home. When leaving Dallas it was afternoon and well into the 80s. By the time the bus crossed into Oklahoma it was raining and later snowing by the time we got into Tulsa. Then it was snow all the way north. I had been in the Dallas area to see friends at the time. So, yes, I have an idea of what you're talking about. You have a great day too! - Volker