Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Abs to lust for

I've long appreciated a well-defined, fit physique such as shown in the photo above. Hot, washboard abs and awesome pecs go together as does an all round fitness. Some of us have to work at it more than others to achieve that look but it can be done. It doesn't matter whether its swimming, cycling, running, hiking, weight training, etc or some of them or a combination of all of them but do something that interests you and will not cause you to give up. Then, of course, cross-coutry skiing is great exercise as a winter sport, something I am considering returning to this winter. Cypress Mountain would be a great location for an afternoon of cross-country skiing during the winter months with plenty of fresh air and sunshine (if its out) and getting a lot of muscles moving in the process. I spent a number of years participating in this sport back in southwestern Ontario. Back then I was in my late 20s, thin but fit with very little body fat. I would spend hours in the outdoors from mid-day until the sun was setting. That stopped when our climate changed some with less severe winters with less snow as a result. Here the case is different. Even though the winters in the lower mainland are much less severe than anything mother nature can throw at us in southwestern Ontario, there are mountains with plenty of snow during the winter months that we can take advantage of. So, do something that will have you succeed in getting that toned physique you're after. There are lots of possibilities!

While we're on the subject of abs and pecs, the abs pictured in the photo on this webpage (right-hand margin below the header photo) are those of Brad's well-defined body. There will be far better photos to come. This one just serves as a teaser of what you are destined to see later. We'll let Brad tease you too, so you too will want to get toned and looking great, not only for your partner, but also for your friends and yourself. You'll live longer and healthier and why not! - Volker


MAC said...

You lucky man! No wonder you can't wait to see Brad. HAVE A YUMMY DAY!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

He's got an awesome personality and sexy voice to go with the physical attributes too. As far as the voice is concerned, I guess its the New England-type accent that I love. There'll be much more about both of us once he's here. Have a great day and an awesome weekend too!