Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another slow Saturday

It was a slow start to a Saturday. After showering and having some breakfast I was busy at the computer reading emails and then some of the usual blogs. Then it was time to get dressed and head into town (Vancouver) for a much needed haircut. Because of track maintenance on the section between Columbia and Broadway stations, I chose to take another route to avoid the crowds. I took the SkyTrain from the usual start but in the direction of Brentwood station where I got off. After a pit stop, I continued on by bus to Hastings Street in north Burnaby. From there is was onward taking the 135 bus going to Burrard station. I got off one stop before that for another washroom break before heading to London Drugs to check out cameras, computer accessories, etc. Then it was time for the haircut. It had been months since I had the last one, it was blowing into my eyes, so it was needed. Then it was time to grab a tea and something to nibble from Starbucks (there are so many outlets, they are easy to find) before catching a bus that would take me near Burrard station. From there it was taking the train to Broadway station and then the Millenium Line to Braid station, and then home by bus. It was already dark by the time I got home for supper (leftover chicken and rice soup with vegetables). Now I find myself behind the computer once again and just finished reading emails and some blog posts.

I am still waiting for that call from Brad to advise me that he has arrived. Each time the cell phone rings (and not too many call me) I run to answer only to find out it isn't him. It would be nice to hear from him but I guess he's delayed for good reasons. After all, I was hoping he would decide to drive across the country in order to see the beauty of the landscape and how long it actually takes to cross the country we call Canada. Every Canadian should take the time to see it if the opportunity arises and learn to appreciate the beauty, meet interesting people and stop where ever one's mood takes them. He'll surprise me as well as all visitors to this blog when he does arrive. It will be so interesting to hear his story! I love surprises, don't you?

During the trip into town and back, I saw a few interesting guys, some rather hot looking. Some were on the train and others on the bus. They're the kind that find your eyes immediately moving towards. You won't find any barely dressed such as the guy in the photo above, even at the beach, since we are in the midst of autumn with cooler day time and night time temperatures, but hotties are still out to be seen and appreciated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each person has their unique sense of it but I guess by now you know what I appreciate and what turns me on. That will continue after Brad arrives and I'm sure he has his own appreciation for the human form (i.e. men). Will he reveal his perspective of beauty, only time will tell. Meantime, we all wait patiently! Have a great Sunday or for those where that day has come and gone, hope it was a good one! - Volker


MAC said...

I remember that feeling of anticipation when your waiting for a call from that special person. Brad if you see this, give Volker a call, he misses you. HAVE A YUMMY DAY!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

YES, please call! Brad gets a copy of all comments made on this blog (email) in his inbox. Now I am getting ready to head out to the nearby Lougheed Mall in Coquitlam. Have a great Sunday!