Sunday, July 10, 2011


I was hungry yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and decided to have some granola bars. Bad choice, especially three bars! I woke up this morning to a bad case of diarrhea most likely a reaction to the corn syrup and lactose in the bars. I had wanted to give them away since I'm somewhat allergic to corn (corn product of any kind) and I'm also lactose intolerant. Its amazing how little it takes to create a problem. Hence, this is one reason why I carefully read the label for the ingredients if I do purchase some prepared food items.

All this is why I prefer to prepare my own food. Then I know what's in it! If you've never had yourself tested for allergies or sensitivities, consider having it done. Ask your doctor to send you to an allergist. I did that in 2006 and knowing is forearmed! It saves us from a lot of issues later, well, most of the time! Enjoy your Sunday! - V

P.S. - Of course, I may have overdone the chai thing somewhat. I did some research this evening and found that some of the ingredients have anti-parasitic properties, such as gloves (I knew that), cinnamon (I knew that too), garlic and others. I'll ease up on drinking chai (I drank Bombay Chai this past week) and see what happens. Well, all that chai probably got rid of some of the beasties. Eating something I shouldn't have probably didn't help! Live and learn!!! - V

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