Saturday, July 30, 2011

coins II - Jersey

These were found in amongst the coins you saw in the previous post. They are from the Balliwick of Jersey, the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, one of the United Kingdom's possessions, many of which have their own currency which is of equal value to that of the currency of United Kingdom itself, the pound sterling! The three coins are what was left after my visit to Jersey in the spring of 1987, a total of 24 pence. I also have a one pound note from the same island. The Jersey cow is illustrated on the obverse side of the darker coloured coin. Jersey is where this dairy breed comes from.

The main reason for going to the island was to see Gerald Durrell's animal farms outside St. Helier, the capital. I saw numerous shows on TV Ontario back in the 1970s and 80s on his animal farm. Have you ever seen to movie based upon his childhood? Its well worth seeing if animals are of interest! I got to the island using a steamer from Portsmouth, England. Then I left via hydrofoil to St. Malo, France passing a ferry half way that had left before us. - V

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