Saturday, July 23, 2011


Back in the 1980s I used to have a motorbike, a Yamaha XT500, a single cylinder engine with a compression release. I was in my 30s by that point and even remember in the beginning getting so frustrated with the thing in trying to get it started that one day in the north end of town I gunned it and did a wheelie down the road for a stretch. A guy walking toward me on the sidewalk thought it was hilarious! I haven't done one before or since, but then, I no longer have a bike!

By the way, the blue spruce in the background was planted by my younger brother (Norbert) and myself in 1969. Its a Hoopsi Blue Spruce and we hammered in the handle from an old broom to keep it growing straight but it did. By the time I sold the house in September 2005 the tree was a lot taller than you see it there. Tree sparrows nested in the top of the tree later when it was taller and a pair of cardinals even built a nest on one of the lower branches about waist high from the ground hidden by a branch above it. If the trees could talk!

Its another of those pleasant memories you tend not to forget!! What memories have you got to share? - V

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