Saturday, July 23, 2011

meadows, etc

Back in the 1960s we lived in the east end of town (London, Ontario). The house used to be a farmhouse and recently before we moved in there used to be a restaurant in front of the house which had caught fire and burnt down. My father build a new addition to the front of the house. I saved an old text book on bacteriology that I had found in the basement and which I still have to this day. We lived in the house from 1961 until the summer of 1968.

For years there had been an empty field next door between us and the Kingsway Transport building down the road. During the summer, I would go off into that field to pick wild strawberries. They were small but very flavourful and well worth the effort. We'd clean them and have them with whipped cream or just some sugar sprinkled on top to add to the flavour.

Since we didn't have a garden as such (but we did grow some petunias around the patio outside the kitchen), I also collected wild flowers and grasses from the field for a vase. There would be various grasses like timothy or oat and rye grass plus various kinds of clover like red or white clover or perhaps some vetch and we can't forget the daisies! We learned to make due with what we had and could afford. That is just something that we did during the summer as kids! How's yours going? - V

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