Saturday, July 23, 2011

brothers II

Our first year in Canada was nothing to what came later when it was time to attend school. These photos were taken during our first Christmas in London, Ontario after spending the summer on a farm outside Hensall, north west of the city. My mother didn't much care for the mice that frequented the house and a bull chasing my mother and older half-brother through a farmer's field did it for her. That was the final straw! She was a city girl born and raised in Berlin, not a country person at all. My father, on the other hand, was born in a village and was used to the country life and all it offered.
During the Christmas Eve dinner, I had the bright idea of taking an empty wine bottle to my lips and Norbert thought this was hilarious. Amazing what you'll do as kids to amuse yourselves!
As with other European families, we had our own "children's table" where we sat down to eat away from the adults. You can see the stuffed monkey and other toys on the floor behind us, all brought over with us from Germany. Just a little something else to share with you! - V


the island guy said...

Awe, you guys are so cute. You're really good at telling stories btw. It's the kind of story a grandpa would tell his grandchildren in front of a cozy fire on a cold night : )
A heartwarming kind of story.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

lol, and I'm glad to have some stories to tell. As you'll see, there are others! I'm glad you enjoyed this one!!! - V