Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Hotties

Its been a while since posting a few hot pics, so here are a few to warm up your weekend! Love the toned muscles, abs and pecs, don't you? And Edilson, below, is looking as hot as ever.

I'm not much into tattoos but I've posted a photo of Beau with those hot muscles of his (second last pic). Enjoy your weekend! - Volker


Bodhi said...

Your not that much into tattoo's? I hope you won't let something like this come between us, so to speak, Volker? I only have five ... ;-)

PS. Edilson is soo gaawgus I could just cover him in icecream and have him for dessert. Even without icecream he just sooo sweet and YUMMY!

haliaeetusguys said...

I wouldn't have some tattoos come between us as friends, I just don't care for them on my own body. As a note, one of my co-workers has more tattoos as well and more than five. He is also a tattoo artist which is his second job!

On the P.S., I agree on you view of Edilson and is likely why he's one of my favourites. Have a YUMMY weekend! - Volker