Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ashtyn Long - model

This is Ashtyn Long, one of my friends on MySpace. Most of my friends on MySpace are writers, musicians, photographers and now models but they are involved in the arts in some way. So this 23 year old model from New York City, New York has been photographed by various photographers such as Adam Bouska, Sandros Bross and David Vance as examples. Ashtyn's a hot young guy! I love the first pic. What do think?
Each photographer has their own ideas, so the mood changes! I purposely chose some of these close-up shots but there are so many photos to choose from that it was a challenge making a decision in what to include in this post. This should give you an idea of his talent though.

I can certainly see Ashtyn as an angel, can't you? Interesting expressions!

This is just a sampling of Ashtyn's photos taken by various photographers but it gives you an idea of what sort of pics have been taken of him and the different moods they evoke. Check him out! I'm certain that he will be worth watching as his career as a model continues to unfold and I'm certainly lucky to have Ashtyn as my friend. - Volker

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