Monday, November 10, 2008

Hot abs...

Being fit and toned is the goal of those of us who would like to live healthy, fulfilling lives. The abs in the photo above belong to Brad. He's cut and has worked hard to attain his current level of fitness which didn't come over night. Anyway, at a height of 6'1" and a weight of around 170-175 pounds there can't be much fat to speak of. So, Brad's a bit taller than I am with my 5' 9 1/2" frame to his taller, more chisled look. This pic is somewhat out of date as it was taken some time ago but what I've seen of his current physique, it is even hotter than what you see here. When he does arrive, he'll be a subject of my photographic prowess but in the meantime, he's not here yet. Since he's more than somewhat overdue, having left about mid-September from the eastern Quebec, he should have arrived here on the west coast by now. Brad did say he would call me a couple of days before he arrives. In the past he has contacted me in one way or another if there was a delay or change of plans. I am concerned and who wouldn't, so I am preparing a missing persons report to file with the local police. The report will come complete with his full name, birth date, height, weight, the make of vehicle he is driving, including the license plate number, the planned route to be travelled and so on. Hopefully, Brad's just had a sudden change of plans and cannot contact me for one reason or another but I am also being realistic and prepared for the worst. Two of my contacts have more than suggested that this is a good idea (the report) as this would give me some peace of mind in knowing what is or has happened. Meantime, if he does arrive soon, the report would be unnecessary. I'll have more news on all this later. This will have to do for now. What are your thoughts??? - Volker

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