Saturday, November 22, 2008

Autumn colour

Last year I was able to take a series of shots of the autumn colour on the western end of Burnaby Mountain. The scene in the photo above is of the grove of cherry trees behind the Horizon Restaurant. The lawn is carpeted with leaves and the colour on the trees is fantastic but deceiving. On the other side of these trees the branches have been stripped bare of leaves by the north winds but the illusion of beauty is awesome to look at, don't you think? I missed out on getting to this grove early enough to see the leaves in colour. The trees are likely stripped completely of leaves by now as we are nearing the end of November but I will know for certain later this afternoon when I visit the mountain after completing errands in north Burnaby. So, I will get out to take advantage of the rainless weather (it was pouring rain and very windy last evening and overnight!) with some sun before the rain returns, and it will as its that time of year. There will be more later but enjoy this photo for now! - Volker

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