Friday, November 28, 2008


The past weekend was nice, weather-wise, and then we had a few sunny or partly sunny days during the week. Now we are back to rain today and likely again Saturday. Sunday could see an improvement with some sun once again! All this means is a day or so working inside but then there are things like laundry and cleaning the apartment to do anyway. Overcast and rainy weather is normal for this time of year with the odd sunny day thrown in here and there.

In other news, I've decided to return the parking tag and remote since I have no idea when Brad will get here and this action prevents having to pay for parking for another month when there is no vehicle present to justify the expense. This is $40 a month saved. I plan to re-arrange parking once I have a better idea when he is going to show up or leave it until Brad does arrive. With the latter, he'll have to park his car on the street for a night or so until the new parking arrangements are completed.

The new cell phone has not been activated pending his arrival. Despite this, I am paying extra each month and am locked into a contract for the duration. The only reason that I got the phone in the first place was for Brad's use and the only reason I would have gotten one since I already have a cell of my own. Anyway, things happen but I plan to retain the phone and again activate it once he does arrive. It'll be for his use so Brad can easily contact me or others, like family and friends.

There is new as far as my storage items are concerned. I have brought the payments up to date and hope to have what I plan to keep in the new apartment before Christmas. The rest will be auctioned off to pay off the credit card which was used to arrange this payment. It was that or have the mover send everything to the auctioneer and have absolutely no control on what is kept and what is sold off. All this mean a very tight budget for the next month or so, or until Brad arrives and is settled. You've got to do what you've got to do!

Well, its time to get ready to get dressed and leave for work. This is day five but there is the weekend to look forward to and the possiblility to sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday. There is no getting up at 5 am on weekends. Have a good weekend! More to come!!! - Volker

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