Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Storage items

Today I received an email from the mover that his my stuff in storage since last October. This was in answer to an email I sent them on the status of an auction since I couldn't pay the fees to get my things out of storage. The auction hasn't happened yet but I do have a short time to come up with the money, just over $4,000, a hefty chunk of change for anyone that is short on cash while paying rent, utilities, paying off debts and having money left over for groceries. I had expected Brad to be here by this point which would have made everything move along much faster and smoother but this is the way things have worked out. To be fair to Brad, I didn't mention this issue to him in our many chats on msn or the few phone calls we made. I wanted him to proceed across the country at his own pace, without pressure. Neither of us foresaw the car problems which ended setting our plans back some. Now since not hearing from him since about mid-September, I am hoping something else hasn't come along to set things back even further. A friend of mine in Australia hoped that he would show up by Christmas. I certainly hope she is right for all our sakes. However, as bad as things have appeared to date, I recently access to another credit source which wasn't the case even just over a week ago. The plan now is to use it to pay off the storage debt, get access to the stuff at the movers, and then sort through the items in order to determine what is to be auctioned off and what is to be kept. There is a lot of stuff that can be auctioned off that is more than I actually need. Too bad I didn't auction much of it off before I moved from Surrey to north Burnaby in October 2007 but we all learn from our mistakes, or so we should! I hope to sort this all out in the next couple of days and get it all behind me. The stuff I choose to auction will pay off the debt to the creditor or much of it. Meantime, this will end the need to survive in the new apartment with just the basic necessities and not much more! More on all this later. - Volker


Anonymous said...

I hope I am wrong, Volker, but I've been worried for some time that Brad will not show up.
I can tell that you are an extremely kind and trusting person, too good, and too kind.
The world was never meant for innocent souls like yourself.
You know what they say "nice guys finish last" and I can tell you from experience that that is often the case. You get used, then dumped.
Well I am praying I am completely wrong, but should the worst happen please know that there ARE good people in this world too.
Many years ago in my darkest hour I thought of giving up. Had I done so I would have missed the love of my life. But know also that, just as in the old adage, the course of true love is never smooth.
For me it was ten years of hell but followed by ten years of bliss, and then Ray died.
I grieved for three years but now I am at peace. I pray for his spirit every day before my Buddhist altar and burn incense, even though I'm now an atheist and no longer a Buddhist.


haliaeetusguys said...

Lars, I am hoping you are wrong and that this will all work out in the end but I am realitic enough to realize that it may not. I do not know what internal "demons" Brad has to deal with, and we all have then in differing degrees. but he is the only one that can come to terms with them and move forward. He is a Gemini, as was my father, so there is likely a two-sided conflict going on within his mind. In my opinion, our limits to our own growth, physical and spiritual, are of our own making, so only Brad can set himself free and pull himself outside that box of our own making. I am more than willing to be the catalyst to bring this to fruition for Brad and for him to be the same for me. Life is all about learning despite us sabotaging our own efforts on occasion (there's that internal conflict again). Meantime, "spirit mountain" waits for Brad's arrival eventhough I feel he has been here with me in spirit for some time! - Volker

P.S. - If you would like to, Lars, you can write me privately. My email address is in the profile!