Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adam Bouska - photographer

Photography has been a serious hobby of mine since age nine and continues to be so. With all these years of experience behind me, I can easily see such talent in others, especially Adam Bouska. We are friends on MySpace and Facebook, the former being the longest which dates from when he was still living and working in Las Vegas. Now this 25 year old professional photographer is living in Los Angeles, California where he continues to work do his thing. So, here is but a sampling of his photographic work starting with Ethan Reynolds, a favourite of both Brad and myself. Have a look and enjoy!

I guess spirits and an angel mix? Why not! Love this pic!!!

The washing machines reminded me of what I need to do: get the laundry done, which is happening right now as I write!
Check out www.bouska.net and www.adambouska.com for more of Adam's photos. A photographic post on Ashtyn Long is next. Keep viewing and feel free to comment! - Volker


MAC said...

I've been a fan of Adam Bouska for quite sometime. He approahes the male form with a combination of art and commercialism. And the guys are hot too!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

I must agree with you about the mix of art and commercialism. Hot models certainly help! As a member of MySpace, I receive blog update from Adam involving his latest shoots. Awesome work! - Volker