Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tiago Botega - more pics

As if you haven't seen enough of these hot Brazilian guys from Terra The Boy, here are some pics of Tiago Botega, another of my favourites. Its okay to drool. You have my permission! So, feast your eyes on these hot pics and enjoy!

Back in September of last year before I moved briefly to north Burnaby, I was checking out the area in advance of a move to the area. Well, I decided to take a bus (135) into Vancouver rather than the SkyTrain but in doing that I had the chance to meet a hot-looking guy on his way to southern California to meet up with friends. He looked to be in his early 20s, fit into his jeans just so that it made him look real hot and his t-shirt revealed some of the well-developed muscles beneath. This guy looked a lot like Tiago in the photos above! After getting on around Renfrew, setting his large bag upright on the floor and taking off his leather jacket (the aroma of which added to the scene), he stood near me as we talked the whole way until I got off just past Main Street. Of course, thinking about it now I should have stayed on the bus until Burrard Station where he was planning to catch the B-bus to the airport (yes, rather than take a cab). This would have given us time to exchange emails perhaps and continue chatting. But the point of all this is that I've seen a number of young guys of Portuguese extraction riding the bus or SkyTrain since then (yes, I think this guy was of that ethnic background) and love to hear Portuguese spoken even though I don't understand it all, just some of it. These guys are all so well mannered and I've even heard them singing on the bus or train, and not off key either! So, I can just imagine what great guys these Brazilians must be if they're anything like the Portuguese hotties. Have a great Sunday! - Volker

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