Monday, November 24, 2008

Signs of snow

There are signs of snow, in the mountains of course. Before I went on into Vancouver on Sunday, I stopped by the Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton (New Westminster) to have a look at the view from that vantage point. As you can see, there are signs of snow in the nearby mountains. The rain we had over the last few weeks has contributed to the accumulation but we are long from seeing any snow here in the valley. The snow should make the skiers happy though!
The cherry trees are all stripped of leaves as I've found is the case throughout the region. You can see more snow in the mountains to the north. Below, the signs of nature's handiwork and the birds in particular and seen now that the trees are free of leaves.

The cemetery also has a lone monkey puzzle tree. There are other good examples in the region such as on Capital Hill and the Heights in north Burnaby, at the Lions Gate Bridge (Stanley Park side) and Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver amongst others. Are you ready for winter when it comes? - Volker

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