Sunday, November 23, 2008

Burnaby Mountain

Well, I finally made it to Burnaby Mountain after my errands were completed early Saturday afternoon. There was enough time to get up there by bus, walk from the campus of Simon Fraser University and get some photos before the sun went down. Its dark after 4:30 pm, so a delay doesn't leave much time. As you can see, the cherry trees are completely stripped of leaves. These are the trees behind the Horizon Restaurant on the western end of the mountain.
The view above looks north up Indian Arm which flows into Burrard Inlet. Then below we look west to see Capital Hill in the foreground and downtown Vancouver in the background. Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge are to the right of the downtown with English Bay and Georgia Strait beyond that.

Then there is the setting sun. The scene is different each time I've been there. Here the sun is setting behind the mountains of Vancouver Island with Georgia Strait just ahead of the island(s). The Gulf Islands are also located at the southern end of Vancouver Island. These small, scenic islands are divided between Canada and the United States. The camera is looking to the south-southwest with the Pacific Ocean beyond Vancouver Island. Enjoy these pics! I have not downsized them, so you can look at the details closer. I'll have more of them posted on Haliaeetus very soon, perhaps this evening. Meantime, I am off to Vancouver to have a walk and enjoy some sun before it disappears for the day!!! - Volker


MAC said...

After a long day at work, taking in the stunning views definitely puts everything into perspective. Thanks Volker!!!

haliaeetusguys said...

Thanks, Mac! Have a look at the more recent posts here and one on Haliaeetus. There are more posts to come very soon since I've taken the time to download the photos and have them downsized. Have a good week! - Volker