Monday, January 17, 2011


Its been warm here today, even with some sunshine in the afternoon, but despite all that, the wind was a cool. The temperature got up to about 10 degrees Celsius today, balmy by Canadian standards since much of the country is in the grips of winter. That means lots of snow and cold temperatures, so I don't mind the warmth. That's one of many reasons why I came out here. The other is that I didn't want to shovel any more snow, at least for a while!

This afternoon I purchased Xavier Dolan's first film, "I Killed My Mother" or "J'ai tue ma mere" in French, online and should receive it later this month or early next. I cost me twice what I paid for "Heartbeats" but I believe its worth the price. I'll give you a bit of a commentary on both of Xavier's films after I've had a chance to see the first.

He's working on his third, "Laurence Anyways." We'll how it compares to the first two of his films. I've started investing in his third effort and plan to invest more. Good luck, Xavier! You seem to have found the secret.

Finally, I managed to clean the hard drive on my laptop of unneeded files and get a defrag completed. Now I'm ready to install the software that came with the photo scanner. Then the real work begins, and I promise some interesting surprises. Come back for more! - V


Mathilda said...

Good choice on purchasing "J'ai tué ma mère".

You won't regret. For me, it's even better than "Les Amours Imaginaires", even though it was his first movie.

I'm really looking forward to Xavier Dolan's next film "Laurence Anyways", all the more since I became coproducer of the movie thanks to the crowdfunding website

All the information is here :

A superb initiative!

SpiritMountainGuy said...

The dvd of his first film was shipped today. I'll be receiving it at work since I'm not home all day except weekends.

As a side note, my father was a photographer in Germany before WWII. His experience included writing film scripts. After the war there was little need for photographers but people that could help rebuild the country were in great demand. He decided to go into carpentry. His first job was building movie sets in Hamburg. What irony!

My father went on into furniture making putting that fine eye for design into his work. When we first came to Canada, he built some of our furniture and for others as well. I still have the dining room cabinet and a few other items.

I took up photography when I was nearing 10 years old and now I'm closing in on 58 though I certainly don't look it. I plan to post some of my best photos soon since the computer issues are resolved and the photo scanner should be online by weekend.

Thanks for posting, Mathilda! ~ Volker