Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bern, Switzerland

Last evening I decided to scan some slides taken during my last visit trip to Europe, my third, which was in 1987. This is especially for my Swiss blogger friends. The Swiss city of Bern was just one of several destinations. In the above photo you can see the clock tower called the Zytgloggeturm (Zeitglocketurm in German) in the local Swiss German dialect. In the foreground is Simsonbrunnen and behind that the Zaehrungerbrunnen. All are located on the Kramgasse. I stayed in a bed and breakfast on the same street just a few city blocks away.
The top image is a crop of the original photo. The second one is the actual photo. Note the renovations going on. Its something to be contended with when traveling to lovely locations, such as scaffolding up one side of a church spire!

The tower was first built in the years 1218-20 as part of the city's defenses, a town at that time. The tower was burnt down at one time and been renovated. Its been used for storage and once even served as an air-raid shelter, though I don't see what good would come of that if a bomb ever hit!

Below are a few more photo which include two of the inner city and one of a rose garden. I just wish the weather had been brighter with sunshine and blue skies to replace the overcast one! There'll be more soon! - V

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