Friday, January 28, 2011

Penzance and the Cornish coast - Spring 1987

The trip to Europe in the spring of 1987 started with the island of Britain. The first stop was Edinborough, Scotland but my favourite place was Penzance, a quaint seaside resort and I'd love to go there again but longer of course! The second was Cornwall, Penzance in particular. On the way from London I stopped in Plymouth where I waited for a connecting train to Penzance further west. I shared a waiting room with an English sailor doing studies by flashlight plus another guy having a snooze late at night. We were all waiting for connecting trains. I know I was zonked by the time I got to my destination after traveling by train from Scotland, through London and on to the West Country the previous day.

Above is St.Michael's Mount which has something in common with Mont St. Michael in Normandy in that the same church order once owned both. As you can see, the skies over the English Channel were grey and overcast. Over land it was a different story!
Then you've all got a rare treat of me on the boat near St.Michael's Mount in the photo below. The cute guy didn't escape my attention!
The image below looks down from the castle on the Mount on the centre of the island.
I took a long walk along the coast on one of the days at Penzance which took me through the fishing village of Mousehole and other places. What follows are typical scenes along the Cornish coast.
I walked west along the coast road and then back to Penzance through Mousehole (image below). I took these images on my way back once I'd noted the scenes worth photographing. I hope you've enjoyed them! Perhaps they've even taken your thoughts off the dullness of winter?!?!- V


tamayn said...

There's something I love about the ocean. I think I just really miss the beach. Keep the pictures coming, they're great.

SpiritMountainGuy said...

I love the ocean too and I guess that's one reason why I'm not far from it currently. I also love the mountains, so being where I am in southwestern BC, I've got access to the best of both worlds.

By the way, about the photo with me in the boat (white shirt, denim jacket), I haven't changed much since then. There's some white hair here and there, its a bit thinner across the top but basically I'm the same with a few pounds extra.

As for the photos, I've barely just warmed up. There'll be a whole lot more coming! - V