Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bern, Switzerland II

I found another photo of Bern, Switzerland that I had somehow missed, so here it is complete with flags! Remember, this is 1987, not current!

Its been a slow, easy weekend. I received Xavier Dolan's first film (dvd), "J'ai tue ma mere" ("I Killed My Mother") filmed in 2009. The film is in French with no subtitles (I couldn't find one that had subtitles), so I had to make due watching it in French. The dialect was a bit rough for me to understand in places (I learned Parisian French in school, not the same, and actually speak French with a German accent when I do speak it since German is my first language - don't ask, that's just the way it is about the accent bit) so I'll have to see it again to get more out of it. When watching the film, the feeling I got was of unease from the two extremes in mood between mother and son, almost bipolar in a sense. Its the relations with other guys in the same sex scenes that ease that mood and cause me to relax, to enjoy. You'll have to see the film to get your own impression, feeling of what is happening.

Both Xavier's first, as well as his second, "Heartbeats" ("Les amours imaginaires") have some parallels in my own life and why I find them so relevant. Have a look at them and decide for yourself. - V

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