Saturday, January 8, 2011


Time is marching on and I'm not getting any younger. A year ago I decided to start up a photography business with my friend Brad as my business partner. There are several reasons why I would want him as a partner, he's has a avid interest in business, he's a hot-looking dude and has a deep, sexy voice to woo and attract models and clients in general to the business. It would be a great artistic and social outlet for him, not to mention myself!

I started taking photos using a Kodak box camera in the mid-1960s. The camera used a 126 film. I still have the camera though the flash unit is gone. I keep it mostly as a momento of years past and doubt you could even get film for it anymore, and besides, who would want to with digital photography having so many advantages that film cameras couldn't give you. With film, you take the shots and have the film developed. In the end you're stuck with the results and have to pay for them too. Now with digital, its so much easier in that you can delete what doesn't look right or that didn't turn out, and the digital process is also easier on the environment. Think of all the chemicals that are used to develop film that aren't used in digital photography! That's just the long and the short of it to keep it simple.

I'm hoping that Brad does join me but in the meantime, I'm going to get things started, get the ball rolling as they say. I'm out this afternoon with business cards in hand looking for potential models, though it would be nice to have a partner to share the load, and the profits, of course! I'll go it alone for now until Brad decides he wants in. Until then, I'll look for models and work on amassing studio equipment on my own. As I mentioned in the previous post, I saw a guy yesterday that would be perfect. A start would be for me to ask him and then go from there.

I'll look at starting up the new website for the business, the one I talked about last year about this time, as things roll along. Meantime, Brad, you're loved and needed, so get back to me! You'll enjoy this business, the people you meet and what you experience!!!

More on all this coming up soon. Have a good weekend, guys!!! - V

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