Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Happy 2011, guys! Let's have model Alan Valdez welcome us into the new year. How did you spend the festive season? What special activity did you do on New Years Eve? Did you go somewhere special or stay at home to have a quiet evening? What ever you chose to do, I hope you had a good time!
And now that we're into the new year have you determined what you're new years resolutions are to be? Did you live up to the ones you made last year or are you giving some of them another shot??? Be reasonable about the ones you set and they're sure to be fulfilled.
Since I put on a few pounds over the past year or so, not many but enough to be noticed, I plan to work them off over the next few months to a year. I love to ride bikes as much as I love to hike, so I plan to purchase a mountain bike to melt away those pounds. I've done it before, so I can do it again. I'm very determined and disciplined when it comes to fulfilling goals.
Let our model, Alan Valdez, welcome us into 2011 and our goals to fulfill. Scott Herman Fitness can give us plenty of ideas on how to obtain the result we're looking for, so we can look great naked or clothed, and why shouldn't we? Check out his link in the right-hand sidebar. So, how's your new year shaping up??? - V

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