Sunday, January 30, 2011


The trip in the spring of 1987 also took me to Berlin where I paid my aunt Liesel, my mother's sister, a visit and was there about a week. The weather, being spring, was as you see it, overcast and dull. I prefer summer myself. Anyway, the photo above is of the Glienicke Bruecke (bridge) one of the furthest points west you could go at the time in West Berlin. The sign indicates that people are proceeding out of the American Sector (West Berlin) toward East German territory (communist). The re-unification of the two Germanies and Berlin in 1990 changed all that. The photo was taken by my aunt and is slightly out of focus but its worth the historical value to post. In the photo is my aunt's boyfriend, Pedro, since passed on, and myself to the right (white shirt and blue denim jeans and jacket). Not too bad for someone in his mid-30s (me) at the time.
The above image is a crop from a slightly larger photo and shows the numerous sailboats on the Wannsee, a lake in southwestern Berlin near what used to be the border with East German territory. The photo was taken from a tower in the forest. Awesome, eh? - V

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