Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scott Hoover Photography

My friend Scott Hoover has allowed me to post some of his photos for your benefit and enjoyment. I've chosen some with a summer theme for this post but there will be others later. I asked him about his model shoots and what he looks for in a model. Here's what Scott had to say about the former, the shoots:

"I do not usually plan out my shoots in advance but prefer to make it up as I go along. A great model inspires me to try new ideas out and it just comes about as we shoot."
The Scott had this to say about what he looks for in a model:

"Great face is first and foremost for me. Yes, I shoot a great deal of body oriented images but my real focus is always how the face the eyes catch the light, the expression. I like to move around a lot...when I shoot that way, I get real reactions and non-posed shots. I do like to pose models in certain positions at times but the shots that happen naturally are my favorites. I don't think I could ever work in a studio with lights and assistants and too many people around. I like it to be just me and the model."
His photography is in both colour and black and white. There are examples of both here. So, if you're a model looking for a photographer or an agent looking for one to photograph one of your hot models, you can check Scott's website for more information and certainly more images: Scott Hoover Photography. If you're in the Los Angeles, California area, you can surely look him up easily. Meantime, enjoy these images and feel free to comment. - V

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