Saturday, July 10, 2010


Its day four of hot, sunny weather here on the west coast, the lower mainland and southern Vancouver Island anyway! Some people started complaining about the hot temperatures the first day but it could be a lot hotter as those in southern Ontario and Quebec know all too well.

And having lived in southwestern Ontario most of my life, I've certainly seen it a lot hotter. The hottest temperature I've experienced was during a summer a year or so before I came out west. The humidex was at 44 degrees in the midst of a heatwave. It was hot in the shade and boiling in the sun! I slept in the basement. It was cooler there and when outside in the evening, I would sit in the shade and do what I could to keep the flowers and other plants watered. The lawn was left to go dormant for the summer and would revive in the autumn when the rains came back.

One exception I made was to water a patch of lawn in the backyard. This was for the benefit of the many robins in the area who needed worms to eat in order to stay alive. I also provided some water in a container for all the birds, and even animals, of the area. They require a source of fresh water as much as us humans do!

Now with this fine weather here, I'm finally able to get up to Sasamat Lake northwest of Port Moody and will be leaving home shortly. Expect some awesome photos once they're uploaded and edited. Have a great weekend, guys!!! - V


Anonymous said...

loved BC - don't know why I ever came back to Ontario

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Its never too late to retrace one's steps if the result is not to one's liking. If its meant to be, then it will be! Have an awesome weekend! - V