Sunday, July 11, 2010


Back in May of 1976 I was in Europe, Germany to be exact, and they were in the midst of a heatwave! Well, one day I decided to go for a hike through the countryside from Obergrombach near Bruchsal and on through the various villages and then returned to near where I started. Afterwards, I calculated the distance traveled to being near 33 kilometers at a temperature that was in the low 30s Celsius, a heat that the locals were not accustomed to but for me, after years of living in southwestern Ontario, it was nothing. Well, Europe is in the midst of another heatwave. Rome was at 35 degrees Celsius and Frankfurt, Germany was at 28 degrees shortly after 9 in the morning. And Toulouse, France? It was in the low 30s as well but many of these countries can adjust to the heat after some set backs a few years ago which resulted in some deaths. Global warming is not so much "warming" as it is changes! We do what we can to adjust to the changes! - V

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