Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Belcarra to Sasamat Lake - Part II - Woodhaven Swamp to Sasamat Lake

Here is a selection of photos taken of the remainder of the hike, that portion from Woodhaven Swamp to Sasamat Lake. I found some spider webs and took advantage of the photo opportunity in both instances.
The reflections in the water at the swamp caught my interest too. Here are some of the best images to capture your interest.
The second spider web I found is in the image above plus I also found some moss growing on some of the trees though much of it is drying up because of our dry summer.
The flower above almost looks like its floating in the air. It isn't, of course, but that's the illusion! Below are some photos taken on the western end of the swamp. These are of the dead, bleached trees taken against the blue sky. We hadn't seen much blue sky until that weekend (July 10).
A trail marker is pictured above and below you can see one of the bear warning signs. I didn't see any this time nor in the past.
The illuminations of the trail and plants caught my interest, so I took a few interesting shots. They are posted here for you to view.
A log along the trail was found to be covered in all sorts of ferns and other plants, a usual sight along the way.
Above is the Belcarra village sign and below another view of the blue sky on the trail along Bedwell Bay Road.
I love the view of running water and the sound it makes. I'll let you guess at what I found swimming in the water. Take a guess!
I only got to see part of the loop that runs around Sasamat Lake but the southwestern part was worth it. Check out the photos of White Pine Beach on the north eastern shore of the lake, someone swimming across the lake and a boater on the water. The mountains around the lake all have trails, some with some excellent views. Something to consider for the future.
The photo above shows someone swimming across the lake.
Above is one of many boaters on the lake and below is a shot taken from a floating bridge across the southern end of the lake. I hope you've enjoyed these images. Feel free to comment! - V

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