Saturday, July 10, 2010

Belcarra and Sasamat Lake

Today I finally got away to hike northwest of Port Moody. I ended up taking the C26 bus to Belcarra and then starting the Springboard Trail from there which took me eastward to the Woodhaven Swamp after which I joined the Woodhaven Trail to Sasamat Lake. From the end of Woodhaven Trail I took part of the Sasamat Lake Trail on the west side of that lake back to the Bedwell Bay Road where I eventually caught the C26 bus back to Port Moody. I'll have photos once they've been uploaded and edited plus more commentary to go with the pics.

Sunday, its off to Vancouver's West End for a haircut and a walk along the seawall afterwards. Then its some grocery shopping before returning home. The work week starts at 5 am Monday when I get up to start the new week. Enjoy your Sunday regardless how you plan to spend it! - V

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