Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a real summer

Well, the hot weather people have long been looking for after weeks of dull, grey overcast skies has finally arrived. I've even heard one person complaining about the heat and its only been Tuesday that we've been through. There's more coming! It early morning, closing on 7 am and its 16 degrees Celsius with the humidity at 82 percent. As the day progresses and it gets hotter, the humidity level falls but from past experience, it doesn't seem to fall much below 50 percent. The forecast high today is for hot, sunny weather at 28 degrees Celsius with a humidex at perhaps 30 degrees. I'll find out on the weekend how much people are enjoying this weather when I get a chance to see the activity at the beaches. This should be an indicator if there are, as usually is, a lot of people enjoying the sun, fresh air and water! - V

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