Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, I've got a few blog posts in mind but a recent gout attack has postponed them until I get better. To make a long story short, a gout attack is set off by stress. I won't go into the details but this is not the worst one I've had within the last ten years but its bad enough when your foot is swollen and there is difficulty walking. I'm expecting to get a new prescription for anti-inflammatory medication on Saturday. The last prescription dates from October 2006, which is the last time I had a major attack. That time it was a medication my doctor was giving me that brought on the attacks. When that medication was no longer taken, the gout symptoms subsided. Currently I'm taking aspirin which only dulls the pain and does nothing for the swelling. The new posts should come along on the weekend. Hope all is much better with you, guys! - V

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