Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belcarra to Sasamat Lake

Saturday's hike up the Springboard Trail began in Belcarra on Indian Arm. The trail went up the mountain in a zig-zag fashion and then leveled out. The first photo looks up into the tree canopy with the bright sunshine coming through. There are some flowers along the way such as Foxgloves (Digitalis) to brighten the walk.
I found it interesting how the sunshine would illuminate certain parts of the trail and took a number of photos along the way that showed this example. There weren't many trail markers but there was this one about halfway to the Woodhaven Swamp. There was also a marker at the beginning of the trail in Belcarra.
Whether you consider them flowers or weeds, these yellow blooms cheer up the walk along the way. Below is a view down the mountain road. From here the trail levels out.
There is another canopy shot above, and below, I found lots of salmonberry plants but not sign of berries. On the other hand, I was eating huckleberries along the way. They are red and related to blueberries.
Here is another view along the road typical of the area and below I took a good shot up toward the crown of a conifer tree along the road. The trail runs roughly parallel to the road and meets it at some points. The next post will feature some shots taken at the Woodhaven Swamp. Look for them! - V

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