Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday afternoon my Reiki friend came over for a visit, his first to my place, and our second meeting. Aside from chatting about us, about astrology and other stuff, he also did a Reiki treatment on me from head to toe but concentrating on certain areas such as my head, kidneys, knees and feet, areas where I had experienced some pain or discomfort in the recent past. After the treatment pain I had experienced on a rib where the left kidney is located was gone. I also had a much sounder sleep than I've had in a long while. After the treatment we also discussed how I felt in general (that's where the pain subsidence comes in) and then how he felt about the treatment. He had to adjust how far away from my body his hands were according to the strength of my energy field, a subtle energy field. Do a Google search on the subject of Reiki to find out more about it.

Adam is another local healer that I've long been familiar with as early as 2004. Check out Dreamhealer for more about Adam, intention healing and much, much more! I also participated in a healing in White Rock back in May 2006, so I'm more than just familiar with it. Check this all out for yourself!

I'm having some Berryblossom White Tea as I write. Its got white tea plus a hint of Blueberry and White Cranberry as well. Its an awesome tea, for me anyways, which I found at Starbucks some years ago. The store I visit has stopped serving it (don't know why) but I've found a local grocery store that sells the packages of tea bags (Tazo teas).

Now I'm going to get my laundry out of the way and get a few other things done around the apartment. If time permits, I'll head out to the grocery store, if not, that'll wait until sometime during the week. Its back to work tomorrow. How soon the weekend passes! We have something to look forward to this week, actual summer temperatures with sunshine and temperatures near 30 Celsius! The proof is in seeing it and experiencing it! Well, I hope you're all having an awesome Sunday, guys!!! - V

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