Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The humidity is building and night time temperatures are getting warmer. Its currently 22 degrees Celsius and expected to drop to the upper teens overnight. The temperature for Thursday is forecast to be 28 with a humidix around 32. Its expected to be a bit cooler over the weekend at around 24 or 25 but the humidex will be climbing. Well, the temperatures had been cooler than normal with dull, grey, overcast skies, so we've got what we were asking for, perhaps just a bit too much.

Someone I know just came back from a vacation in Saskatchewan, you know, the Canadian prairies where they've been having severe thunderstorms and tornadoes lately? The light show at night (lightning) was compared to the neon lights of Vegas. Flooding was everywhere and severe in places. There is another front building in western Alberta with the jet stream between there and Saskatchewan. Looks like another light show coming, and with that, those funnels called tornadoes! Interesting weather across the country I'd say!

With the weather being what it is, I plan a hike around Sasamat Lake and over a mountain trail to Belcarra for Saturday. The mountain route will take me past a swamp! That's on the north side of Burrard Inlet. Sunday will likely take me on a walk along the seawall on English Bay. My camera will be along both days, so photos will be posted in this case!

Enjoy the hot weather but stay sensible and find ways to keep cool!!! More news coming soon. - V

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