Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday, while on my way to work on the SkyTrain, a cute asian guy, just a little shorter than me, got on at the 29th Street Station. Aside from being cute he was sporting a rather nice bulge in his jeans, plough as they used to say, which also had my attention.

So the train was packed as has been the case since the Labour Day weekend when students came back to school and summer vacations were done for the year. So he stood directly in front of me by the door, my back against the partition and his back to me. Every so often, as the train swayed as it proceeded into town, his body would touch mine ever so gently. It felt rather good actually. I could have easily put my arms around him if I knew him well and if he was my significant other.

Sadly, two stops later he got out to let people past and then went a little further into the train, so the moment was gone. Still it was appreciated and there's that continued longing for my boyfriend who'll certainly make it all right. I think you know who I'm talking about and so does he!

Meantime, enjoy the moment! Everything has meaning, even if we do not realize or understand it at the time. - V

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