Sunday, October 10, 2010

photo scanner and other stuff

I've decided upon purchasing an Epson photo scanner (V600) for just over 200 dollars plus tax. This will have to wait until November but once I've bought it I should be able to scan various still photos for posting. This would include one of me dressed in a pink-coloured shirt, patterned brown pants and sunglasses seated by a table on a lake in West Berlin during my first visit back to Germany at age 18. The sunglasses were a necessity as the sun caused strain on my eyes after being exposed to the particulate in the air during the train trip through East German territory (remember, Germany was still divided at the time). Look for some photos over the next few months along with some commentary about them. Something to look forward to!

Meantime, I'm dong my best to shake this cold that I caught last week. I hope your weekend is better! - V

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