Sunday, October 24, 2010


The laundry was done earlier in the afternoon and now I'm busy cooking up supper. Seeing as its after 9 pm, its a bit late but still needs doing. Today I braised a duck leg on diced onion and then added diced red cabbage to cook slowly over low heat. Added to the cabbage after its cooked will be some honey and white wine vinegar, so that its sweet and sour in taste. I'll be off to bed shortly after its done. I'll have it tomorrow evening along with boiled potatoes. The potatoes taste better fresh and the cabbage is better the day after. In the latter case, it allows the flavours to mingle. Since I'm lactose intolerant, cabbage is a good source of calcium, as is anything in the cabbage family.

I know, its not a very exciting weekend but since its been raining, especially this morning, and so much needed doing, there was no sense in heading out any where. Have a great week, guys!!! - V

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