Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mountain view

This is a view of a valley in the Bernese Oberland of central Switzerland, Lauterbrunnental! The photographer's shot looks at this valley from a mountain called Maennlichen. I'll have more to say about this valley that I visited during my first trip back to Europe and why it caught my attention. The photo is from Wikipedia Commons (details coming). Google Lauterbrunnen Valley to find out more!!! - V


Patric said...

nice shots V :)

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Although this photo comes from Wikipedia Commons, its the best I can do until I'm able to get my own shots saved on my computer digitally. For that, I'm looking for a decent scanner that will convert slide film to the digital format. There are roughly 250 colour slides from my first trip plus a number of slides from my first visit to Vancouver in late 1978-early 1979 and others.

The Swiss Alps are the highest mountains in Europe and I was truly awestruck! There are more to come that will illustrate the grandeur of these mountains. - V