Friday, October 8, 2010

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I first saw the above photo of Edilson Nascimento on the internet back in late 2007 or early 2008. Its such a hot image that reminds me of someone deep in thought, like the thinker!

The overcast skies and rain has been back since yesterday. Most of the week was sunny and warm but now this wet weather describes what we're up against over this Thanksgiving weekend here on Canada's west coast. Its a good time to meet up with family and friends, or to take time to ponder, to think about life and the promises it holds for us. Its also the time to count our blessings, such as family and good friends, that we're working, however humble the job might be, and so on. What have got that causes you to be thankful? Take time to think about it and be thankful, truly thankful!

I woke up this morning with a tickle in the back of my throat, a tickle that hasn't worsened much as the day progressed but my appetite is lessening. I bought some vitamin D tablets in the hopes of strengthening my body's defenses, and this certainly helped last autumn and winter to ward off colds (Rhinoviruses) and the flu (influenza), but I also bought some over the counter medicine to lessen the drip if that becomes an issue. My supervisor was off hunting with his uncle last week. His uncle was sick with the cold and so its likely spread from there to my supervisor and on to me. Oh well, what colds I did get last year were short lived, so I'm counting my blessings. I did go through a seven year period back in the 1980s with no colds, flu or other illness, so that must be due to eating right, getting lots of exercise and plenty of sleep. Staying away from allergens probably helped too! And the power of the mind over matter and negative thoughts probably played a part as well. Right now I'm drinking plenty of fluid and should get lots of rest over the holiday weekend. That's always a good thing!

Turkey dinner is pretty standard for this holiday but I may look to buying a turkey leg and some potatoes instead. There's just too much for one person with a whole bird, so part of it will have to do. I did get some groceries this evening on the way home from work, and made certain to buy a couple of bags of cranberries which went straight into the freezer when I got home. I make my own cranberry sauce, but also use these fruit for other purposes, such as adding to oatmeal or granola, that and some blueberries. Cranberries are great for making a tea out of them, adding sugar or honey and then the freshly boiled hot water. I crush the berries and eat the pulp afterwards. So, what are you having for dinner this holiday weekend?

There's a bit of a dilemma. A friend of mine, a young male, is bisexual and in love with two people, one male and the other female. I won't tell you where he lives since that's not important here. So my question is, does he have to choose between the two or can he have both and have the best of both worlds? I know he's been confused and needs an answer to his problems that is workable. I have many friends, both gay and straight. This one happens to be bi. So does he choose the one or the other and deny part of his being or does he accept both and be a whole person, true to himself? And should he be truthful to both parties and himself? We read about what happens when a marriage breaks down because the guy reveals that he's gay in the papers often enough. There's the aftermath and the hurt feelings on both sides which is something to be avoided if possible. "To thine own self be true", as the saying goes! What are your thoughts on this matter and how would you resolve it so that all are happy and content in the end? I'm looking forward to your comments! He may even read your answers and know that there are options, workable one! I care about all my friends, every one of them, and all of them deserve to be happy, and live fulfilling lives!!!

So, now its off to bed for a good, well-needed night's rest! The official holiday is Monday, Thanksgiving Day! Have a great weekend guys!!! - V

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