Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, our Labour Day weekend is slowly winding to a close. The weather has been excellent for getting out for walks and such which is something that I take advantage of. Saturday involved a walk along the Seaside trail along the south shore of False Creek from Quebec Street to the Burrard Street bridge. From there I went into downtown Vancouver to have a blossom white tea and a sandwich at one of my favourite Starbucks outlets on Davie Street. Then from there is was homeward bound. Sunday I went off to the UBC Botanical Gardens on the campus of the University of British Columbia. There is lots to see but the real beauty if in the spring when all the rhododendrons, azaleas and other flowering plants are just coming into bloom. It will be worth returning in the fall when the autumn colours are at their best and then return again in the spring to see its beauty. Today, Monday, is a mix of sun and cloud, so I am taking it easy at home getting caught up at things that need doing on the computer. Weekdays are taken with work as a priority, so I do take advantage of free time when it does come available.

On the trip on the SkyTrain and then the B-bus to UBC I did notice that the students are back in town in full force. There is lots of anticipation of classes to come, studies and exams to complete and old friends to meet plus new ones to make, a life full of expectation and promiss.

Saturday while walking across the Burrard Street bridge taking photos as I was going along, I did see a cute young man walking in the opposite direction on the centre span of the bridge. He had an angelic face and was dressed in black with black trousers and a sweater to match. As I took the last photo before packing my camera away, he had stopped nearby to admire the scenery on the east side of the bridge: Granville Island and such. It is times like this that I think of Brad and look forward to spending time together, learning from each other, experiencing what each has to offer the other. I am certain of going on many outings together with camera in hand taking photos of the scenery, of each other in the frame or both together (ah, that's where the tripod comes in)! I know he wants to be here and is looking forward to a short stay in Montreal while he earns money to continue the journey west to join me. The car troubles could not be anticipated by either of them (Brad or his brother). Life has a habit of throwing those odd curve balls but we learn plenty from them and move forward. The funds I plan to send him next Friday should speed up the process of finishing that trip across Canada. I am so looking forward to living and working together as does he. He is the only one I am interested in and is continually on my mind. Others are nice to look at but are not Brad who is the one that keeps me moving forward. In a short span of time Brad will be here and this blog will be transformed in the process. Expect some great things to come!

I hope life is what you exspect it to be and what you make of it. Did you have a great weekend? I truly hope you did. More news to come soon! - Volker

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