Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On the move

Things have progressed to the point where Brad can proceed with his journey westward, or rather continue after the setback with the car. I wish it were possible to predict when a car breaks down but this is not possible for most of us, unless we happen to be extremely lucky and have the thing decide to break down where the costs are reasonable and affordable. But we're all familiar with Murphy's Law where anything can and will happen when its most inconvenient or something to that effect. Anyway, now that Brad has raised enough cash to have his car repaired and also continue his journey, he plans to leave where he's at very soon. We've been chatting periodically during the week plus exchanging emails to keep in touch. Also on the agenda was planning the route westward. I suggested a route and also some places of note to look out for on his way. Its a route I've travelled many times with well maintained roads plus easy access to food, lodging and atms. The weather is nice this time of year and its also worth seeing the colour changing on the trees as autumn approaches. I wish him a great trip and await his safe arrival here in the lower mainland. I have a few things planned once he gets here which should perk him right up. We're both very excited. I guess that goes without saying. I also have a space for his car reserved, a task that was done today! Watch for more developments soon! - Volker


MAC said...

It's almost like tracking a hurricane, except with much better results. I hope his journey brings him safely to you.

haliaeetusguys said...

Thanks. I hope that he's here very soon without any further delays. Should hear from him Friday as to his progress. - Volker