Sunday, September 7, 2008


Over the last few weeks I've been doing some online research looking for studio lights and local dealers that carry them. There are two possible sources, one in Kitsilano and the other in Kerrisdale, plus two where I can order them online and have them shipped. Of course there are always others. However, my preference is to look at the lights first and then make a decision. This part will be left until Brad arrives. You do know where I am going with this, don't you? Well, Brad will be my first and main model with a focus on abs, pecs and so on. We are both so excited to get this going. So the lighting kit above serves as an example of what I'm looking at. Proper lighting for interior shots is so important and is the difference between a great shot and one that doesn't cut it. The models below are further examples of what can be done in the outdoors or inside but in all cases lighting is the key!

Proper lighting can make the model look awesome and show them off to their best advantage. We plan to post photos of both of us, not just Brad alone. This will also allow me to branch out from taking land and seascapes, wildlife and such. This will add to the pleasure of taking great photos. Meantime, enjoy these hot pics found on the web. Let them get your imagination going and whet your appetite for more! Have a great Sunday what's left of it, or for those that have started their work week, have a good one! - Volker

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