Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday's summer-like weather and more...

Since the weather was so warm and very summer-like, I went into Vancouver to have another walk along the seawall at Stanley Park before having my blossom white tea at Starbucks and returning home. Fall is in the air and the autumn colours are evident if you look carefully. I'll have some photos soon on that subject. Meantime, I took the above photo at the Fraser Cemetery in Sapperton (New Westminster) a couple of weeks ago. Notice the Red-shafted Flicker (Colaptes auratus cafer) on the side of the tree in the photo. Its a member of the woodpecker family. It took some doing to get this photo since I was playing a game of hide and seek with the bird in order to get this one. I saw another one today on my way through the cemetery to Sapperton station (SkyTrain) from where I was heading into Vancouver. Their call is the same as the Yellow-shafted Flicker (Colaptes auratus) found back east which is the one I'm most familiar with. The call is unique and unmistakeable!
Chrysler introduced plans to produce three electic cars, the Dodge Durango, the Chrysler Aspen and the Dodge EV (pictured above). The latter has a similar colour scheme as the Superbee. Together with the ones to be produced by General Motors this should give consumers some choice, if we can only get around the price tag. Mass production will certainly bring down the per unit cost but all this is a beginning. By the way, Brad has a Dodge Charger Superbee. How interesting is that?!?! There was a photo of his car in his last post. Speaking of Brad, he hasn't arrived yet but I feel his arrival is very soon. I've got a parking spot arranged for his vehicle (the parking will be included in the October rent), so he doesn't have to worry about having his car towed, and they are anal about having vehicles towed here in the lower mainland. The cell phone that I have gotten for him, and is on my plan, should make it very easy for us to keep in ready communication. Plus it allows him to call others as well. The phone has other features which I'm sure he'll love but I won't get into that now. You'll just have to wait for my future post after he reacts when he's received the phone. So, its after 10 pm and nearing bedtime. Monday is the start of another work week and you all know what that means! Have a good week, and keep posted for more news plus exciting stuff. - Volker

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