Monday, September 29, 2008

Post-Tropical Storm Kyle

Well, tropical storm Kyle was briefly a category 1 hurricane when it reached southwestern Nova Scotia during the night (Sunday) then died in intensity. There was plenty of wind, rain and some fallen trees but the storm was not as strong as anticipated. At its height there were about 40,000 households without electricity. Much of that has been restored. The map above obtained from NOAA in the United States shows the predicted path of the storm moving north toward Labrador. There were no deaths caused by the storm as far as I know. Meanwhile, tropical storm Laura is moving north in the north Atlantic Ocean. The map below, also from NOAA, shows its predicted path towards the British Isles. I was reading today that 18 hurricanes may be spawned during this hurricane season ending November 30th.
The reason for my interest in these storms is two-fold. I've long had an interest in weather phenomena of all kinds but also because Brad comes from southwestern Nova Scotia where his family still live. Then its also interesting to watch the paths of these storms from beginning to end. If you'd like to see the latest on the weather situation, check out TheWeatherNetwork and/or NOAA for the latest details. Googling that should easily get you the right links. - Volker

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