Wednesday, June 17, 2009

from Sunset Beach to English Bay Beach

On Sunday I more or less retraced my steps from the previous day by walking the seaside walk on the north side of False Creek in Vancouver again. Just as the day before, it was gorgeous weather with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. I took a number of photos but for this post, Sunset Beach and English Bay Beach are the main focus. These present the promiss of a summer yet to come and only about a week away, or less. I couldn't help but to include some photos of the fan palms and the developing annual plantings found at both beaches.

There were lots of people enjoying each other's company, sunning, swimming or some playing beach volleyball. A couple of guys were out playing wearing only their colourful underwear (first pic below) and one of them is still playing in the second photo. At a distance they would have passed as swimwear anyway, unless one was up close to get a good look. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Summer's not that far away!!! - V.

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