Monday, June 8, 2009

the beaches

Sunday was a pleasant day, sunny with some cloud but not overly hot like during the week when we had very summer like days. In the midst of getting some errands out of the way I came to Stanley Park (Vancouver) to walk and in the process get some exercise, fresh air and sunshine. A kiosk had been set up at the main beach on English Bay (Beach Avenue is behind me) renting out kayaks. There was a reasonable amount of activity but on a very hot weekend the beaches are full.
There was more activity at the 3rd beach (see photo above and those below). Note the kayaks! I had hoped to get a shot of a guy trying out his skimboard but when I set up the shot, I wasn't as thrilled with the outcome, so I let it go. There'll be another opportunity soon enough. In the pic just below, that's Hollyburn Mountain in the background with West Vancouver developments creeping up the mountain side.

The photo above shows the view of the 3rd beach from the top of the stairs above the beach. The public washrooms, lifeguard station and a food kiosk are behind me. Speaking of the lifeguard station, a lifeguard was preparing to wheel down a lifeboat on a trailer as I was up there, so I took a few photos of the event. He wheeled her to a certain point and then turned the boat and all about before proceeding down hill. It takes lots of strength to accomplish that feat but what comes down must come back up. Good thing I'm not the one doing that! These fit men are far better for it. I hope you had a great weekend, however you chose to spend it!!! - V.

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