Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sunday about suppertime, as the soup I was slow-cooking was simmering on the stove top, I prepared a bread dough to bake while the soup was doing its thing. There's no recipe as such just simple ingredients of unbleached wheat flour, dry quick rising yeast, a little bit of sugar for the yeast to feed on (I use brown sugar but whatever's on hand), some warm water, one egg (free range), olive oil and some greek olives to stick in the dough once its in the baking pan (9 x 16 inch). The Greek, or ripe olives, are my favourite though I will use green olives if nothing else is available. I took a number of photos after the flatbread was done baking and these are some of them.
The bread slices easily and has the texture of some of the Italian bread I love such as foccacia. Aside from stuffing olives in the dough, I plan to stuff some onion in the dough and add some coursely grated asiago cheese next time round. I did some research regarding foccacia bread on Monday and found the similarity of my bread to that Italian variety. Experimenting is something I love to do as well. Much of what I cook or bake involves no recipes. I just work until I have the taste (aroma) and feel (texture) that I'm after.
The photo above and below give you a closer look at the results of my recent attempt at baking bread. Perhaps I should try stuffing jalapeno peppers in the dough and adding grated cheese on top next time. Its just another thought but I do love the jalapeno and cheese foccacia bread very much, so much so that I buy it about monthly. Perhaps its time to bake it myself instead. Anyway, its time for bed again and 5 am comes early. Hope you're all having a great week!!! - V.

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